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Why CodeEasily?

In today's technology intensive world, coding has become a critical career skill.

Premium Pay

Employers are willing to pay a premium for employees with coding abilities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary in 2020 for jobs that required coding are:

Software Developers: $110,140

Computer Programmers: $89,190

Computer Systems Analysts: $93,730

Web Developers: $77,200

In contrast, the national average for all occupations in 2020 was $38,920. It is obvious that careers involving coding skills tend to pay much higher salaries.

Demand Exceeds Available Talent

According to CompTIA, there were 3.6 million open tech jobs in the U.S.  in 2021. Employers cannot find skilled programmers to fill all these jobs. In fact, the projected rate of growth for the above jobs is consistently higher:

Software Developers: 22%

Computer Programmers: 11%

Computer Systems Analysts: 7%

Web Developers: 8%

It is obvious that coding related jobs will be in demand in the future, when compared with the projected rate of growth for all jobs in the U.S. of 4%. 

Coding Builds Thinking Skills and Problem-Solving Ability

Coding builds the ability to think through problems in a logical manner, rather than an emotional one. Our students learn to take a large problem, break it down into smaller parts, and then solve for each separate part. This skill, once learned, carries through to all facets of life.

Coding Builds Resiliency

Coding develops the ability to bounce back from failure and serves as a learning opportunity for children. When they initially fail, they learn to try and try again, until their code works! CodeEasily students learn early on that “debugging” their code is half the fun!

Coding Fosters Creativity and Confidence

Programming teaches children to experiment and be creative. With our curriculum, students get to design and develop something that is entirely their own, allowing their creativity to take charge. When our students see their own success, they become confident to attempt newer and more difficult coding challenges!

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