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We Are CodeEasily

Nikunj Jinan
Concept Alchemist & Co-Founder

Howdy and welcome to CodeEasily! As a software programmer and data scientist, I am eager to get everyone else as excited about coding as I am. I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 3000, a slowly-improving cook, and an aspiring dad joke connoisseur. I am a recent Harvard graduate, majoring in Business and Computer Science.


My first introduction to coding was as a high school intern at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Emory University. While conducting cancer research, I had to learn how to code in the R programming language. I tried almost every online course from Coursera and Udemy to MIT’s Open CourseWare and infinite YouTube videos, but none of them targeted a teenage student. This forced me to stitch together my own coding curriculum and allowed me to realize that coding can be taught in an intriguing way!


I have always loved and prioritized working with younger students. My non-profit, Kids Teach It Forward, is a tutoring program in the Atlanta area aimed at helping underperforming and underprivileged elementary school students. By bringing together National Honor Society high school students to teach and mentor these students, we have been able to help students excel in school and consistently pass the state’s standardized exams.


Today, I am combining my passions through CodeEasily. I want every young student to have the opportunity to learn how to code and experience how cool it can be. As a recognition of CodeEasily’s important work, Macy’s Technology division is supporting our efforts with seed capital. We are grateful to also have mentorship from Georgia Tech’s Constellations Center for Equity in Computing.


Here at CodeEasily, we are trying to ensure that middle school students remain engaged with STEM-related topics. Our hope is to captivate students, encourage them to learn how to code at an early age, and open them up to a world of new possibilities. Now, let’s get coding!

Niraj Jinan
Numbers Ninja & Co-Founder
Jinan, Niraj 1.jpg

You can probably guess that I am Nikunj’s younger brother, but I guarantee you that I am the cooler one! I am and always have been a huge math nerd. I studied Georgia Tech math classes in 10th grade, crushed Math Olympiad competitions, and love creating mathematical models for fantasy football in my spare time. Currently, I am a third year at Cornell University, majoring in Applied Economics and Management. Outside of academics, I enjoy singing and playing guitar. I am a tenor in the Cornell Class Notes, a competing a cappella group.


During my high school internship at the Program in Linguistics at Emory University, my research focused on language, linguistics, and computer science. Like my brother, I had to teach myself to code. I tried to learn through online, recorded courses, but I despised all of them and ended up disliking coding itself. However, to complete my internship, I needed to learn how to code. Nikunj taught me how to code using Scratch (the programming language from the Basics of Coding class!) and rejuvenated my interest in programming.


When my brother shared his vision for CodeEasily, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to be a part of it. Through CodeEasily, we hope to provide the opportunity for all our students to gain exposure to the world of technology and the skills to succeed as future coders.

Nick Kreitz
Programming Prince

Hi there! I am one of the Lead Instructors at CodeEasily. I am in my third year at the University of Georgia where I am majoring in Data Science. I have been a computer geek for most of my life and when I won the “Best First Time Hacker” award at UGA’s 5th annual Hackathon, it inspired me to join UGA’s Entrepreneurship program, where I’m currently doing full-stack development for a prospective startup. I am a full-time nerd, green tea enthusiast, and jump at any opportunity to share my passion for coding with others!


As I began my official Computer Science studies in high school, the curriculum of the few programming classes often felt rigid and left little room for creative thinking. I believe that creativity is a vital skill for a programmer to possess because the solution to a problem may not always be as straightforward as it seems.


As a long-time friend and classmate of Niraj, I am honored to be able to play a role in this great organization. Being a Lead Instructor at CodeEasily puts me in a special position to get my students excited about programming by creating a fun and engaging classroom environment. I hope to spark a passion for coding in my students that they will carry further than the material they learn in class.

Romy Graf
Coding Commander

Hello everyone! I am an incoming fourth year at Indiana University majoring in Business Marketing and Sales with a concentration in Business Technology. My experience with coding began my first year in college when I wanted to try something new and I ended up loving it! Outside of school and my course work, I am a nature junkie. I love being outside on hikes or in the ocean.

I am excited to be on the CodeEasily team to help students understand coding and build their foundation of skills. My first experience learning code was in fast-paced courses with difficult content. Because of that, I can appreciate CodeEasily's teaching style and am excited for the students to experience and learn from it! Let's have a great semester!

Shikhar Verma Picture CE.PNG

What's up guys! My name is Shikhar Verma, and I am one of the Lead Instructors for CodeEasily. I am majoring in Computer Science and Genetics at the University of Georgia. 

I started my journey with coding when I was about 8 years old when my dad bought me an IQ puzzle book. I loved the puzzles in the book, and when I took my first computer science class in high school, the entire class felt like the puzzles I used to do. I fell in love with the class because it didn't feel like a class. I hope to bring the same experience to my students here at CodeEasily!

In the past, I have taught kids how to play basketball at my local YMCA and during COVID, I taught 8th grade math to students using Zoom. I love dancing, playing video games with my friends, and just having fun. I can't wait to get to know you guys and teach you the beauty of coding!

Mit Mehta
Code Shark
Shikhar Verma
Puzzle Prophet

Hey everyone! I am a Lead Instructor at CodeEasily and I am thrilled to help build you a rock-solid coding foundation!


My first experience with programming was in my senior year AP Computer Science class. From the first day of class, I was immediately consumed by it and even spent extra time after school with my teacher to soak as much knowledge as I could. Fast forward to today and I am a junior at Kennesaw State University studying the same subject! I hope that through CodeEasily, I can inspire students the same way that my Computer Science teacher did.

Previously, I have been an instructor at the Kumon learning center, helping students excel at math and reading. I have also been a counselor at GCANA summer camp, assisting over 100 campers while organizing activities, games, and cultural learning experiences. I am a big music enthusiast and will listen to anything from country music to Frank Sinatra to today’s pop hits. I am also a huge cinephile, with my favorite movies being Inception and the Hindi movie Border. Can’t wait to see you in class!

Arya Swamy
Robotics Fanatic

Hello, my name is Arya and I am one of the Lead Instructors at CodeEasily! I am currently a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Design, Innovation, and Society at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Coding is special to me because you can use your creativity and knowledge to create something that can impact people’s lives. I am excited to teach and hope I can inspire my students to turn what they learn into making something impactful. 

I would have greatly benefited from being enrolled in a class where I had mentors to guide me, ask questions to, and learn effectively from. I hope to provide exactly that to my students and prepare them for the future. Let’s have fun together and I hope to see you in class!

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