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Nikunj Jinan

Coding Master & Co-Founder

Howdy and welcome to CodeEasily! As an avid software programmer and data scientist, I am eager to get everyone else as excited about coding as I am. I am a product of Fulton County Schools, a proud Eagle Scout from Troop 3000, and an aspiring dad joke connoisseur. I attended The University of Chicago, majoring in Statistics & Computer Science. 


My first introduction to coding was as a high school intern at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Emory University. While conducting research on cancer cells, analyzing data related to necrosis (a type of cell death), and creating computational models of this data, I had to learn how to code in the R programming language. I tried almost every online course available from Coursera and Udemy to MIT’s Open CourseWare and YouTube videos, but they were all targeted at the adult learner, not a teenager. This forced me to stitch together my own coding curriculum and helped me realize that coding can be taught in a more fun and engaging way!


I have always loved working with younger students! My non-profit, Kids Teach It Forward, is a tutoring program aimed at helping underperforming and underprivileged students at Mimosa Elementary School. By bringing together National Honor Society high school students to teach and mentor the Mimosa Elementary students, we were able to increase the standardized test scores of students by an astonishing 72%. This success served as a catalyst to expand to three additional elementary schools. I am privileged to have been recognized with Princeton University’s Prize in Race Relations for the success of Kids Teach It Forward. My greatest support team continues to be the principals, scoutmasters, and various other teachers who have encouraged me to push the boundaries of what is possible. 


Today, I am combining my passions through CodeEasily. I want every young student to have the opportunity to learn to code and experience how cool it can be! As a recognition of CodeEasily’s important work, Macy’s Technology division is supporting our efforts with seed capital. We are grateful to also have mentorship from Georgia Tech’s Constellations Center for Equity in Computing.


Here at CodeEasily, we understand that middle school students are at a critical age where they tend to veer away from STEM courses. My hope is to engage our students in a fun manner to begin learning coding at an early age and to open them up to a world of new opportunities. To this end, CodeEasily uses the profits generated from our paying students to teach coding to inner-city students, free of cost. I hope that CodeEasily can be the spur that allows students to learn and grow into successful technologists!

Niraj Jinan

Math Genius & Co-Founder

Hey there! You can probably guess that I’m Nikunj’s younger brother, but I’m undeniably the cooler one. I am a huge math nerd and it has been my passion since I went to Montessori school. I studied Georgia Tech math classes in 10th grade, participated in Math Olympiads and national competitions, and basically live and breathe math! 


I studied at Florida State University as a freshman, where I attended as one of only four out-of-state students awarded the full-ride Benacquisto Scholarship. Now, I am transferring to the Dyson School of Business at Cornell University. I am also a National Merit Scholar and a member of MENSA, the high IQ society. Additionally, I was humbled when the Georgia State Senate passed a Resolution honoring me as a remarkable and distinguished Georgian. The Mayor and the City Council of the City of Milton honored my contribution with a Proclamation.


During my high school internship at the Program in Linguistics at Emory University, my research area was focused on the overlap of language, linguistics, and computer science. Like my brother, I had to teach myself to code. I despised the entire process and ended up hating coding itself. However, to complete my internship, I needed to learn how to code. Nikunj taught me how to code using Scratch - the same language that we currently use to introduce coding concepts to our students. Scratch is such a fun way to learn that it has rejuvenated my interest and has allowed coding to become a passion of mine. I was hooked and have progressed to learning multiple programming languages. I truly enjoy the creative process involved in coding. 


When Nikunj shared his vision for CodeEasily, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to be a part of this amazing effort. As a fledgling economist, I am constantly browsing various data sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics to understand where the jobs of the future are going to be. Coding and other technology-related jobs are going to grow exponentially. Through CodeEasily, we hope to provide the opportunity for all our students to gain exposure into the world of coding and the technology industry.

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