About CodeEasily


CodeEasily is THE virtual, after-school coding club! CodeEasily was started by students who struggled to find a fun way to learn how to code. With the realization that there was no such avenue for school students to learn coding, CodeEasily came to fruition.


There is a huge disparity between demand for skilled technology professionals and the available workforce. Despite a more recent focus on STEM-related subjects at the school level, every one in three technology jobs go unfilled. Studies have proven that students’ interest in STEM peaks at the middle school level. After students move on to high school, there is more than a 30% decrease in interest in STEM-related subjects. CodeEasily hopes to change that statistic! Therefore, all of our courses are crafted with the elementary and middle school student in mind to ensure that our students’ interest in coding is long-lasting.


With our live teacher lectures, creative class discussions, gamified group activities, non-coding based exercises, collaborative peer reviews, and fun debugging processes, our students build a strong coding foundation without ever feeling the boredom of a regular classroom!


We offer several courses including Basics of Coding, Website Design, Android App Development, iOS App Development, and Intro to Python. CodeEasily follows a semester schedule, with Fall and Spring courses spanning over 15 weeks. During the summer, our summer camps are scheduled weekly for a total of 15 hours of instruction.


Please feel free to send us an email with any questions that you have at codeeasily@gmail.com. We hope to see you in class soon!